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Sew Positively Sara!


Hi, I’m Sara Gallegos of and Decorative Stitch, in Shelby Twp, MI!

I am thrilled to be a part of Baby Lock’s “Love of Sewing Challenge”! It’s been fun following along the journey and seeing how some of my favorite “Sewlebrities” have been putting their new Destiny’s to creative uses! It really is a fabulous machine loaded with so many features that make sewing, quilting and embroidery faster, more fun and allow me to unleash my creativity.

I’ve had my Destiny for about two years now, when it comes to sewing, it is my 3rd arm! The bloggers before me on this Creative Journey with the Destiny have shared some of my favorite tools like the Guide Beam, IQ Designer, the built in decorative stitches and so much more! To see what the other ladies have done with the Destiny, click HERE!

The specialty feature I get to showcase is Pivot Position. Using Pivot Position allows me to adjust my fabrics or may hands at any point during a project without losing my spot within a seam or on the fabric. It is truly like having an extra set of hands.

I’ve made a fun project to share with you that showcases some of my favorite times to utilize pivot position. Be sure to check back here on my site next week or at the Baby Lock “Love of Sewing Challenge” page to follow along with my Creative Journey!

3 thoughts on “Sew Positively Sara!

  1. I have watched video 1 & 2 of the Love of Sewing Challenge with Sara about pivoting. I cannot find the continuation that shows how to make the wall quilt project using the pivot feature. Even the instructions section doesn’t take me to any information about it. Thanks in advance. Sherry

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