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Making a Tiger Fish Quilt with My Side Kick Ruler

I finally finished the quilt top I have been working on …FOR MONTHS! I mentioned in an earlier post that I had several projects going at once, this was one of them.
We bought the “Night Sky” quilt kit from Robert Kaufman for my shop, Decorative Stitch. It features McKenna Ryan’s “Tiger Fish” batik collection and a pattern that uses the Side Kick Ruler from Jay Bird Quilts.
First of all, these fabrics are gorgeous! Each block in the quilt features four coordinated batiks and there are four sets of colors.
In the kit, the colors are selected and grouped for you, oh how I love that. Sometimes, when I’m trying to pick fabrics – batiks especially – I am paralyzed with indecision! I have so many favorites, how do I pick? When I’m in a hurry, I love a quilt kit that has done all of the work for me.
I’ve always wanted to play with the Side Kick Ruler and this quilt does not disappoint! You can make several shapes from this handy little tool, for this quilt we utilize triangles and diamonds.

A couple of tips for you:

#1: Take the time to cut off the tips of the diamonds. It is optional, but worth it! Having those “Engineered Corners” (corners with blunt edges) makes lining up your pieces for piecing much faster and significantly more precise. Yes, you spend a little extra time cutting in the beginning, but you don’t have to rip inaccurate seams or cut off dog ears later.
#2: Read the directions fully before beginning! Funny, most patterns out there tell us to do that, but I am guilty of skipping this step far too often. Not because I don’t always follow the directions… more like because I am so excited to start that I “Skim”, a skill that served me well in college. Here are the things I discovered after I set off on my own, ran into problems, then fully read the instructions.

Quilt Discoveries:

First, layer your fabrics wrong sides together as Julie (the pattern designer) instructs. You have to have left and right sides of the triangles and you get this more efficiently by layering fabrics wrong sides together… or, do it my way and have a million left sided triangles and later have to cut right or use the wrong side of the fabric!
Next, be sure to press your seams open. I generally “Press to the Dark Side!” (Insert Darth Vader Voice Here). On this quilt, open seams makes putting the blocks together possible.
This quilt was truly one of the most gratifying projects I have worked on in a while. As each block came together, I thought, “This is my favorite! No… This is my Favorite! Oh, this is my new favorite!”

The colors are gorgeous and play so nicely together. Stars and diamonds can be intimidating… but the directions and the Side Kick Ruler made putting this quilt together surprisingly simple! I’ve shared a pic of the completed quilt top with you below, now it is off to the quilter and I’ll be sure to share with you what kind of magic my quilter comes up with on this beautiful quilt!

This week, I am in St Louis at Baby Lock headquarters filming serger feet! Watch for a post on that soon, I have lots of fun tips to share.
Here is a little preview; yesterday, we worked with Single and Double Fold Bias edge attachments and the Teflon Foot! I’m going to share instructions with you soon on how to make a quick and easy project using the Teflon Foot. It takes the vinyl sticking to the bottom of the presses foot out of the equation so you can easily create washable and durable projects. Love it!

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