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Pin Wheel Brain Break Project

After I’ve had a busy week of filming (which is often preceded by at least a month of nose to the grindstone power sewing) I always need a simple, instant gratification project to work on just to re-set my brain and love for sewing. It’s always something incredible simple and these projects often become some of my favorites. Most recently, I worked on a whimsical pin wheel quilt after completing filming season 2 of Absolute Beginner Machine Embroidery. I was so busy on set, I didn’t even remember to take a picture to share!

Once I got back to the shop I found these charm packs that were so cute to me! Every time I walked in to the store and saw the companion yardage to these charm squares, I just felt happy inside so I knew these would be the fabrics for my brain break project! What’s better, one set of charms is lighter colors and the other, darks. I absolutely love seeing traditional quilt blocks in vibrant, happy colors. The pinwheel block happens to be one of my favorites and is a perfect 2-color block. So, I decided that those cute charm squares were destined to be an adorable and scrappy pinwheel quilt!

Step one: begin by pairing lights and darks together. For each pin wheel you will need 2 like dark squares and 2 like light squares.

Step two: Mark a center line diagonally down the light squares and stack, right sides together, with dark companion piece.

Step three: Sew ¼” from each side of marked line. I like to chain piece these to make the project go faster!

Step four: Cut all sewn squares along marked line, open and press seams to dark fabric. You have successfully created Half Square Triangle Units!

Sep five: Arrange Half Square Triangles into pin wheels. Sew top left and right pieces together, sew bottom left and right pieces together, then sew top to bottom.

Step six: Press blocks well and trim to 9” squares. If you sewed your Half Square Triangle units with a consistent ¼” seam, you probably won’t have much trimming to do.

Step seven: Arrange pinwheels in a pleasing color order and sew together in rows to finish quilt top!

Step eight: add borders and bind as desired. If you don’t want to add borders, you have a nice baby sized quilt. The fun of borders is that you can add as many as you want, as big as you want to add to the size of the quilt.

I’ll be sure to post a pic once I get mine sewn together and borders on. I just can’t wait to quilt this happy little instant gratification quilt!



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