The View from Above


*This was written nearly three weeks before being posted.

Currently, I am sitting on the ground in a little plane in Wassau, WI. Wow Wassau, what beautiful scenery as we landed! I’m supposed to be in Minneapolis grabbing a connection into St Louis for a week of filming with the “Awesome, Awesome” Baby Lock film crew. There is so much tension and nervous thought regarding flights lately, I just have to tell a positive story, this is, after all,

The pictures show the massive storm front we circled while waiting for clearance to land at MSP. I’ve mentioned in posts before that I’m a bit of a nervous flyer. Sometimes, I deal unexpectedly well – other times, we hit a few bumps and I start to panic. I think some of it is related to the quantity of time spent in the air in a given month, more air travel seems to lead to more anxiety. Today was one of the good days where I could even look out the window and take photos of the awe inspiring beauty that can be seem while flying through the clouds. It amazes me that you can have a beautiful sunset and a massive thunder head from the same view of the tiny airplane window.

Initially, the captain said we were circling, then, the airport closed and we got diverted. I travel a ton and have had very few cancelled/delayed flights, more lately than ever, but I’ve been blessed by the Travel Gods as a whole. Here I sit with a bunch of strangers and everyone is positive, bordering on happy! It’s incredible. No one is grumbling about missed flights, no one is giving the standard, “Delta is going to reimburse my ticket, buy my hotel and dinner!”

Let’s be honest here, Delta (or your preferred airline) isn’t any happier about cancelled/delayed flights than you are. It costs money, fuel, man power, etc… and they have to put up with abuse from some awful customers – I’ve seen it happen more times than I would like. Only once in the last year have I had an experience with an airline employee who legitimately didn’t seem to want to help me (it was on my Birthday and that is not a positive story, so it won’t be shared), other than that, I have found Delta employees on the planes, working the gates and on the phone who have been motivated to help out. Yes, I do have “status” but I don’t think that is the explanation because I’m no Million-Miler!

So a big shout out tonight to the strangers on my plane who are working together, searching flights for one another, helping passengers get necessary medications, sharing snacks and telling jokes. I woke this morning to news of the horrible massacre in Las Vegas. When we find ourselves in stressful situations, let’s just take some time to think and gain a little perspective. It doesn’t look like I (or most of my fellow passengers) will make it to my intended destination tonight. It’s ok. We are safe, nobody got hurt…we can call our loved ones and share our collective travel tales. We all experience bumps in the road, or in the sky, but life is good. Find something positive in your stressful experiences and the stress will soon fade away. The silver lining I have found tonight is two-fold. First, the amazing camaraderie of my fellow passengers, a close second to the amazing show I witnessed high above the clouds. Where light met darkness as the storm front passed by, the sky illuminated by lightning and the textures of the clouds. It was truly incredible and inspiring and helped me to focus on something other than the turbulence!

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